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What is C ?

C is a programming language. Programming languages are used to write software. C is called a high level programming language. There are several ways of classifying programming languages. One way is mentioning its generation. C is referred to as a third generation programming language.

First Generation : Machine Language
Second Generation : Assembly Language
Third Generation : C, Fortran, Pascal etc.

Another way of classifying languages is placing them in one or more of the following groups

  • Imperative
  • Object Oriented
  • Functional
  • Logical
C is an imperative programming language.

Where is C programming used?

It has been widely used in creating Industrial strength Software. The following list of Software developed using C , suggest the power and flexibility of C programming.

Linux ( Operating System)
MySQL ( Database)
GIMP ( Image editing program)
PHP ( Web Application programming Language)

C is a preferred language in developing Embedded Systems. C is also heavily used in Gaming industry. A very popular virtual world "Second Life" has its client written in C.


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