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Project Oriented Learning

Learning programming languages is now becoming a mainstream requirement. What once, was considered as forte of a software engineer, has now become a necessity for a manager, an accountant or even a musician.This is mainly due to the proliferation of script-able software tools. Non IT-professionals, avoiding programming tasks are increasingly becoming aware of their restraint in leveraging the power of software tools, critical to their profession. Now, they are willing to  go an extra mile to learn programming. 

There are several way in which they can learn programming.How they learn depends on variety of factors like age group, professional requirements, academic requirements etc. Their learning also depends on where they learn, from whom they learn and the teaching strategy.There is already a huge effort from educational Institutions and Software Industry to improve quality in teaching methods and learning environments.

I would like to classify the Learning strategies for programming l…

Linden Script ( DSL for scripting objects in Second Life)

Second Life

Second Life is a virtual world created by Linden Labs. A virtual world is a 3D world, which has 3D structures built in it. Virtual world tries to simulate the real world and thus has lakes, rivers, trees and even people in it. People moving around in the virtual world are called avatars. To be a part of this virtual world you have to create your avatar by registering with Second Life. After moving around in the virtual world for a while, you would get interested in building your own 3D artifacts.Second Life allows you to purchase a piece of land and construct 3D structures on it. Depending on your land size, you are allocated a fixed set of prims. These prims are your fundamental building blocks for creating your virtual world. For viewing, creating and manipulating your virtual world you need to install a special software called Second Life viewer. Second Life offers a rich set of 3D editing WYSIWYG ( what you see is what you get) features for manipulating the virtual wor…