Knowledge Maturity Model

As you deal with knowledge you go through several stages of maturity.

Knowledge Acquisition
Knowledge Assimilation
Knowledge Application

Knowledge Acquistion This is usually the first level where you capture knowledge from the environment and store it in your brain's KnowledgeStore.This is the level where you get aware of and become acquainted with the concept.

Knowledge Assimilation When knowledge you acquired gets organized into the format suitable to your brain, it become usable in many different ways.When you experience the "understanding" of the concept,you have assimilated Knowledge. You can use several techniques to progress from Knowledge Acquisition to Knowledge Assimilation. Your acquaintance becomes friendship. Your knowledge is accessible and effortlessly usable in any decision making effort.

Knowledge Application This level is achieved when you start using your assimilated knowledge to solve real world problems. You now re-purpose the given knowledge in new dimensions and create innovative solutions. You start appreciating constraints presented by the application domains and find way and means to adapt your assimilated knowledge to meet this new challenges.Your friendship becomes a long lasting deep appreciation, gratitude and love.

Although, the levels shown above indicate a typical progression in an organised learning environment, real life presents a lot of recursion. It is not uncommon that while assimilating a concept you realize that you are missing some information and you need to acquire it. It is also not uncommon that while you are applying knowledge you assimilate it for the first time.Use these three levels as your measurement tool to check where you stand in your relationship with a given knowledge entity.


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