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MelodyCrypt -- Harikavach ( level 5 )

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The Challange

The challange in Harikavach is that it is a HandCryption  technique. This implies that it must be humanly possible to encode/encrypt the message and decode/decrypt the message, without using a computer and in a reasonable time with minimal effort.

Computers can be used to compromise the message. Computers can use Brute force technique to break the code. In Brute force technique the computer can try all the possible keys ( or a highly probable set ) on the message to compromise it. With increasing computing power, it is easy for a computer to try millions of key combinations within a reasonable period of time. This is the problem with level 4 . There are fixed number of keys that can be generated using Scramble Clock.  Let us consider that we place all the possible keys in a Set. Then this set is the Key Set ( Key Space ). The Key Set is finite for Scramble Clock and also finite for Harikavach Encoding.  Without the help…