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Composite Symbol Dictionary

You can define your own CompositeSymbols in Harikavach.

You already have support for five operators

= , +, -, * . /

Now suppose you want to express exponential operation say with symbol ^

This is not supported directly , However  you can write "**" ie write multiplication operator twice to mean exponential.

**   is equivalent to ^

This way you can define your own Composite symbols. One would need to remember these Composite Symbols  or keep a Composite Symbol Dictionary.

If you want to express comma ie ","  you can write ".."

..  is equivalent to

This way you can define several Composite Symbols. Only caveat is that the composite symbols must be designed with care so that they don't make normal messages ambiguous.

List of  Proposed Composite Symbols.

Composite Symbol                                     Representation using normal Symbols

^                                                                 **    ( Exponentiation )

,                                                                   ..        ( comma )

;                                                                   ...        ( semicolon )

space                                                           +.        ( space )

Although , Harikavach is about HandCryption, nothing stops it from being computerized. I am currently in the process of designing the file format to store Harikavach Messages. Thinking of 6 bit representation for every symbol. Will post the format once I have finalized it.

Happy HandCrypting !!!!

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