Possible UseCases for HariKavach.

While designing HariKavach game I coined a term "HandCryption" i.e. encryption and decryption by hand ( Without the help of a computer) . Hand encryption has been used for centuries , nobody seems to have used this term HandCryption.  I like the term HandCryption as it rhymes with Encryption and Decryption, so I will be using it in this blog.

Users  of  HariKavach are asking me whether HariKavach has any applications beyond being a fun game to play?

So I will list down a few possible applications of   Harikavach.
  • Users are normally asked not to keep the same password across different websites. This leads to a list of important passwords to be remembered or stored in a safe place. HandCryption is an effective way to persist passwords. HariKavach can be used to encode the passwords. The user needs to remember only the key to HariKavach and can encode as many password he wants.
  • HariKavach can also be used for Captcha. Where the user is presented with the encoded message using HariKavach. Only the user with right key can resolve the Captcha.
  • Price tags , Categorization , Evaluation can be encoded in HariKavach so that the communication can be done in public yet only those who know HariKavach and the key can understand the message. 

I would invite the readers to add to the Usecases I have mentioned. Your feedback will help me evolve HariKavach. If you have a request for any particular feature or have a query you can post it here.

Goto Harikavach level 4 ( Scramble Clock ) 

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