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Increasing Focus on Polyglot Programming and Web Platform

To increase the focus on Polyglot Programming and provide students with broader options of building blocks to fabricate software, I have upgraded almost all my Language courses to include JavaScript.

I have introduced JavaScript in Java Technology and C#.ASP.Net courses. JavaScript provides a good contrast to statically typed languages like Java and C#. With constantly increasing emphasis on Web Platform, JavaScript becomes a important language to be mastered. Apart from enrolling in a full fledged course on Javascript and HTML5, students enrolling for most of the other courses will also to learn JavaScript.

I usually compare languages in all my courses. For instance, I compare and contrast Java with C#, C++ in the Java Technology course. This comparison ends up being comparison  of  statically typed languages. JavaScript is a welcome candidate in the family. JavaScript provides a sharper contrast to Java from several perspectives. For example, JavaScript's Dynamic Typing and Cla…