Video Courses Available on Web.

I have released a few of my video courses on the Web. The videos are live recordings of the lectures I conduct at the Institute.

For sake of Organization,Navigability and Responsiveness, I have split the videos as follows.

1) Course is made up of a Series. Each series is a collection of Lectures.
2) Lectures are tagged as Episodes
3) Each Unit within a lecture is a Lap
4) Laps are broken into Nuggets , for organization, navigation and stage-wise description.

Currently courses are available on request and via referral. The courses can be accessed from the
Elearning Tab on the Institute's Home Page. Only the registered users will be able to access the courses. Interested candidates can contact at 

copyright ©Rajesh Patkar, All rights reserved.


Unknown said…
Really Liked the idea...Heads up
Prashant Dubey said…
Should have samples for free, just to see you speak :)
But also to bring audience who do not directly or indirectly know you.
Unknown said…
Please provide contact details .....I am interested in learning spring framework via distance education

Tried to drop mail to the given mail id but bounced back

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