POCP - Proof Of Concept Program

Over years, I have found that learners get great confidence in an Assertion when it is supported by a program that proves the Assertion. These Programs apart from reasonably proving the assertion also convey the tacit scope of the given Assertion. Several salient scenarios encompassing the Assertion can be represented by a set of Programs. These set of Programs become a concrete evidence and articulate in programmatic terms the context, assumptions, limitations and implications of the underlying Assertion.

I prefer to call these program POCP ( Proof Of Concept Programs ). On one hand these programs are teaching aids for the teacher, and on the other hand they are themselves teachers for those learners who can listen to the program's voice.

I have put up a GitHub Repository to share a few POCP for Java Technology course and would encourage community activity around it.

Assertion :  Child Constructor Calls Parent Constructor
POCP      :  Child Constructor Calls Parent Constructor

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