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Grapes a Metaphor

If I ask Chotu how much time he will take to eat ten grapes, he will typically say a few minutes.  If I ask the same question to his digestive system, then the answer maybe a few hours. The answer depends on who is answering and what eating means. For Chotu, it is chewing,  gulping, and relishing their taste. Chotu also rejects peduncles, cap stems that come with grapes.  For his digestive system, chewing would mean breaking down and converting grapes into its ingredients, and gulping would mean incorporating them in blood, and rejection means excretion of the non-essential. As I see it, eating is of two types Deep and Shallow. Usually, what we call eating is in this context, Shallow Eating, and digestion is Deep Eating. Both are essential for survival.When we intake Knowledge, we go through a similar process. The Shallow Eating part is akin to reading books, watching videos, attending seminars, among other things. The metaphorical grapes have gone inside our system.  I would label th…

All the Courses Shifted Online

It has been a testing time since COVID Pandemic. Many established Professions, Institutions, Industries, and Systems are adapting to the new reality. Education is also changing itself.
It's been almost four months that I have not conducted a lecture in a Physical Classroom. I have sifted Online wholly. I want to thank Google, especially for it's Google Meet. All my courses stalled due to COVID, and the new ones just launched are now normalized. I have occasionally been offering Video courses to a restricted audience, but now my classes are available internationally. I am happy that I can teach students from UK, USA, Canada, Dubai, Delhi, Rajkot, Bhopal,... And of course Mumbai, all together in a batch.  Although international students have been attending my courses, they had to participate in my classes physically. The flexibility of Online arrangement is liberating.
Some new facilities in Online Courses
Registration through emailPayment is possible through any form of digital mo…